Technology consult

We have the answers to many issues that start-up business owners need.  Our expertise in consulting for technology is to save money and increase effectiveness.

This includes: low cost business telephone setup, sourcing of contract jobs for software web or graphic development, call center sourcing and advertising solutions. 

We specialize in consulting with start-up businesses or those companies who have ‘hit the wall’ with their online businesses.  Specializing in marketing, SEO and graphic design suggestions we can help grow your business to the next level.

Internet consult

Existing businesses should enter the internet now.  Companies of all kinds ranging from construction to sewing shops should have a internet presence..immediately.

Many business owners just don’t know how to enter the internet space, and for good reason.  It’s a confusing world, but one that can increase profits dramatically.

We can help guide existing businesses in the right direction, provide suggestions to current web infrastructure and brainstorm on how to capitalize on their local markets.  If your company is not on the internet or is not happy with their e-Presence we can help lead the way.