Current & sold projects

ARC Innovations is consistently working on new projects and mediums.  Below are brands that are market live or have been sold.  We have concept companies on the rise, wait for the innovation. carries over 400 healthy lifestyle appliances.  Product lines include juicers, blenders, dehydrators and other kitchen appliances.  Catering to the niche market of health, vegan and raw food fans. 877MyJuicer was sold in 2013 
IFC carried every ink cartridge for every printer on the market.  This venture had a strong presence with market entry on eBay.  IFC later turned into a successful online ink cartridge brand and was sold in 2004. gives people who love “anything with a gear” a place to hangout.  We have built a social network for GearHeads.  With over 60 social functions the ability to connect like-minded people is easier than ever.

Relate to our market

We can relate. 

Our ventures begin with the basic need to fulfill our own desires.  IFC began for affordable solutions to overpriced cartridges.

877MyJuicer began because of health.  Health is a focus and company culture.  Juicing was the start of a life-long health habit. Without a quality choice of appliances, the idea filled the void.

We know our market because we are our market.  We work hard to continue to relate to our market because we care how our products change lives.