Key players

Founder and CEO, Andrew Casey

Andrew has over fifteen years of web experience.  Passions include graphic design, web design, product sourcing, logistics, imports, search engine optimization and digital marketing.  With a background in the stock market brings awareness to what creates a valuable company.


Marketplace Manager, Jason Drews

Jason brings business administration knowledge.  Managing key partnerships with third-party online vendors,  Jason plays a deep role in maintaining relationships with third party sales channels.


Social Media, Joshua Schmidt

Joshua has an extensive background in online marketing, advertising and startup Internet ventures.  Joshua brings experience from large internet advertising companies like DoubleClick, Inc. and has worked with five other internet companies in the past. He plays a vital role in developing and implementing social media strategies.

Team players

Our teams of call operators, digital marketers, data analysts and technology providers play a vital role in our successes.

We have built a strong network of team players who help in our success, management and aid in our ability to bring our services at a fraction of the cost of other outlets. 

We value team.